Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

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Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

When you have a tree that has become a hindrance, you call any of the tree services in Adelaide to get rid of it. But many times, people forget to remove the stump. It remains there in the courtyard becoming an eyesore. Not only that, but the stump creates other problems also. It gets infected by pests. If it is at an odd location, then it could be a safety hazard as well.

For whatever reason, your tree is no more now, and whatever is left is a stump and roots. Like many others, you want to remove it but do not know how?

Experts say that you may remove it or grind it. Both tasks are difficult, and you need professionals for that. You should be pleased to know that there are several professionals in Adelaide, like SA Tree Recyclers, who can do this difficult task for you.

What is better? Should you remove the stump? Or should you grind it? Well, it is important to weigh both choices before you come to any decision. Let’s examine the choice of stump removal first.

Stump Grinding Vs Stump Removal


As mentioned above, the stump removal process is the more intrusive process. Why? It is because you will have to take the bulky tree stump out using some tools. It could be a winch, hydraulic jack, or tractor.

That is not enough, you will have to dig out all the tree’s widespread roots. Only complete removal solves this problem and removes the risk of re-sprouting or rotting.

When you call a service provider for palm tree removal in Adelaide, you should get the stump removal done. It is because a palm tree is tough and stubborn to remove. Therefore, its stump also has to be removed immediately.

Though many people think that stump removal takes more resources. Indeed, it will take time, effort, and money but you will have to bear that additional cost.

If the stump is in a portion of the land where you don’t care about aesthetics, then removal may not be applicable. But where aesthetics matter, total cleaning up of a stump after removal involves more work. You have to fill the hole left in the ground.


To grind a stump, the specialist uses a ground saw machine. Thus, he shreds the stump into small woodchips or sawdust. It is removed thereafter.

When you hire the services of expert companies, such as SA Tree Recyclers for stump removal in Adelaide, you need not worry about the quality and precision of work. They have high-quality machines that cannot only grind the stump to absolute ground level but even below that so that a hole is created. It can be filled in.

Grinding a stump is a much faster and more efficient method than removing it. The entire work typically takes less than two hours. It does not leave much work for afterward. The sawdust and chips are immediately cleaned up.

Due to its easiness of grinding, many people are happy to choose it.

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