What do you do with tree stumps once removed?

What do you do with tree stumps once removed?

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What do you do with tree stumps once removed?

Don’t you think that the decision to remove a tree from the garden or courtyard is tough? Indeed it is. Especially, if you are a tree lover.

You plant the tree, nurture it, and see it growing with time. But, situations take a turn when you need to pick up the phone and dial the contact number of a service provider like SA Tree Recyclers, which offers the best and most affordable tree removal in Adelaide.

What could be the situation that will lead you to this tough decision? It is because the tree has been infected by some pests or diseases. It is because you want to build another room and the tree is a hindrance.

Or it is because the tree has overgrown and affecting the stability of your house.

When a tree has to be destroyed, you should always remove the stump as it may be a hazard to your yard and home.

Remember, the tree removal company will not remove it unless it is specified in the contract. It is also possible that you will have to hire a specialist service provider that does only stump removal in Adelaide.

What will you do with the tree stump once removed?

Well, in the majority of cases, people do not do anything with the stump. They give it to the removal company. Affordable tree services offer a concession in the service sometimes. Other things that be done with the stump are listed below.

Remove wood chips and debris

If you have given the stump to the removal company, then you should clean the space as it will look horrible. There could be wooden chips, roots, or even small branches left in the space. If you want to use that space for replanting, then it is essential to prepare the soil.

Once the area is clean and free of any debris, you can add soil and make it ready for the seeding process.

You will need enough soil to even it out with the rest of the yard.

Use the stump for some useful purpose

It is possible to use the stump for decorative purposes. Some people make a sitting area or a table by placing the stump in the garden. However, it depends on your needs.

Smaller stumps can be painted and kept in the living room as well. They can become a good place to keep some decorative pieces or mementos. If it is wide enough, then it can act as a center table.

It is important to treat the stump with protective chemicals and paint or varnish. Then there will be no risk of pest infestation.

The reuse of the stump is very popular in commercial places. If you have many tree stumps, then it is possible to sell them to a restaurant or cafe. The stumps enhance the interior and bring a new look to the place. If you do not want to do anything, then it is possible to get it cut into smaller pieces. You can burn them and get rid of the stump.

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