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As we all know, tree removal or tree trimming is a complex job that is better left for the professionals. DIY must not be attempted as small mistakes can often have serious repercussions that are costly to fix. A professional tree removalist should be your first call for St Mary’s tree removal job. There really is no need to look elsewhere, SA Tree Recyclers have everything you need to maintain your trees at the right time and at the right price. Our top-quality tree services are listed below.


Tree Removal: If you have a dead or dying tree, decaying or weak tree, or one which is a potential hazard, we can arrange to have it safely and swiftly removed from your property. We have the latest equipment and expertise for an efficient tree removal job.

Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is an essential part of tree removal. If a tree has been brought down or cut down for removal, the stump can be a tripping hazard or an eyesore on your landscape. It can also be a breeding ground for rot, termites, pests or fungus. Having your stumps removed is good for your property and takes care of all these problem

Mulching & Chipping: After a St Marys tree trimming or tree removal job, we can cut up large trees and branches to make the removal process easier and reduce any inconvenience for you.

St Marys Palm Tree Clearing or Removal: Although palms require relatively no effort on a day to day basis, they do require some care from time to time to look picture perfect. When neglected, palms can take on a shabby appearance and be a hazard for property owners. In order to keep problems at bay, we recommend an annual clean to remove dry leaves and dead fruit. It is essential to get a palm tree expert to do your cleaning, tree pruning or removal work for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Pruning & Shaping: Pruning trees is the best way to promote healthy growth by removing dead branches or giving your trees a cleaner and better-looking shape.

Emergency call outs:  Unfortunately, sometimes trees get badly damaged in storms and your property may sustain damage from fallen trees. To ensure the safety of your house and the damage is cleaned up in the shortest time possible, we offer around the clock emergency service. We are available 7 days a week and ensure your property is made safe and free of dangerous hanging debris and fallen trees or limbs.

For safe, professional and precise St Mary’s tree removal from your property, including confined, large and difficult trees, call SA Tree Recyclers for skilful and prompt service. 

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    Andrew, Troy and his team were very professional, polite and helped remove some really big trees that were going to be too big a job otherwise.
    - Xavier Wills
    Very professional company to deal with. Delivered mulch where and when requested! Excellent service!
    - Yvette Wallace
    Did more than I asked for a very reasonable price.
    - Daniel Craker
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