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How Do I Get Rid Of An Unwanted Palm Tree?

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How Do I Get Rid Of An Unwanted Palm Tree?

3 Ways to Remove a Palm Tree

People plant palm trees for landscaping because they are charming. They add value to the aesthetics. But it should be remembered that palm tree removal is a tough job. If you are supposed to remove the tree, then you will need an expert.

There are many service providers that offer Palm Tree Removal in Adelaide. You should search for it on the Internet. SA Tree Recyclers, for example, is a renowned and experienced company that has carried out several successful and safe palm tree removals.

A seasoned company will choose the method to get the tree removed according to the situation. Either it will be cut or chopped down, or it will be dug up. Many things are to be considered to accomplish the task of Tree Cutting in Adelaide.

Identification of the tree and document collection

You need to show the tree to the removal expert. They will assess the condition of the tree. How big and strong is it? Does it stand at a convenient location or is it difficult to access?

Though you do not need any permit to remove a tree or trim if it is from personal property. However, you need to ensure that it does not impact neigh boring properties or city-owned properties.

If you are supposed to get a permit, then the following questions need to be asked.

  • Is the tree, or its branches (fronds), expand over the property line of my property?
  • Is the tree over a height to safely remove without professional help?
  • Is the tree close to a power or telephone pole?
  • Is there a possibility of a tree falling outside of the property line or any other structure?
  • Is the tree a protected species?

Remove The Excess Weight of the Fronds

Sometimes, it is mandatory to chop down the tree if it is too tall. If the tree is so small that it doesn’t need any permit, then the provider company that offers Tree Removal in Adelaide can directly remove it.

Tree removal companies follow all necessary steps and guidelines related to safety. Therefore, they wear thick gloves, protective eye gear, and long-sleeved shirts to protect their hands, eyes, and arms while trimming palm trees.

Cutting/Chopping Down the Tree

They cut the tree using a chainsaw. First, they cut one-fourth of the trunk.

Then a second cut is made above the first.

Starting from the top, small sections of the trees are cut until the saw reaches the stump.

The stump will be removed if it is included in the contract agreement.

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