Can I get rid of tree in my garden?

Can I get rid of tree in my garden?

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Can I get rid of tree in my garden?

When there is a tree in your garden or pathway which has become weak or damaged, you have to take it down. But experts say that it is not always an easy decision. But since it gives a better view or extra space for a garden, pool, or lawn.

Also, if the tree is towards the end of its life, then tree lopping in Adelaide can prevent damage to your property or other surrounding trees.

There are many tree removal companies in Adelaide, such as SA Tree Recyclers that offer all varieties of tree-cutting and pruning services.

How to remove unwanted tree from my garden?

1. It determines the direction of the tree first

When a professional tree removal company arrives at your place, it assesses the tree and decides what direction is the best to make it fall once it is chopped.

Ideally, the direction that is more natural for the tree will be selected. If the tree has a heavy crown or trunk leaning in a particular direction, then it is in the right direction.

If that direction is not possible to choose practically, then other alternatives are searched.

There are many service providers in Adelaide, e.g., SA Tree Recyclers that can provide systematic and structured plans to remove the tree.

2. Planning and preparing two escape routes

An experienced tree removal company will decide on primary and secondary escape paths to take after cutting the tree. Sometimes, a tree does not fall in the expected manner.

It happens typically with palm trees because it gets impacted more by elements like wind. It is the reason palm tree removal is expensive. You need to check palm tree removal pricing before signing the contract. Ensure that there are no hidden terms and conditions.

Before clearing the tree, it is essential to clear away all hazards on both routes within the radius of the tree. Cut down all vegetation, move all obstacles, and make the path clean.

3. Removal of smaller limbs first

Experienced tree removal services like SA Tree Recyclers willin a systematic manner. They will cut down any lower limbs first. It makes the fall of the tree easy and streamlined. They use a pole saw to take the limbs off the tree.

4. An angled notch cut in the trunk

A notch cut that faces the direction that you want the tree to fall in is made up about 25% of the diameter of the tree.

Then a 70-degree uppercut is made using a saw or ax. A horizontal line is cut where the bottom of the uppercut ends. The bottom line is parallel to the ground.

The tree will likely fall during or shortly after this step. Now the experts will cut a flat angle to allow the tree to fall as evenly as possible.

As they finish the felling cut and the tree is about to fall, the area is evacuated.

5. Dispose of the Tree

Depending on your plans for disposal and how big the tree is, they cut the tree into smaller pieces. It may be required to drag the tree into the driveway or a clear, level space for chopping.

This finishes the task of removing a tree.

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